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Key Features

Online Video Editor that can perform Video Deleting and Cutting. You can only edit MP4 File in it.This is purely browser based video editor and you do not require to upload any file to the server. You can also apply audio effects.You can also add graphics (e.g images, shapes, text) to your video.

How to add Graphics to your video?

To add graphics to your video, click on 'Choose File' and select a file. Once the file is decoded, specify the starting and ending times. Next, click on 'Add' from the bottom menu and select the desired option. Your graphics will be added at the selected part.

How to add Animation to your video?

To include motion graphics in your video, visit the website and click on 'Choose File' to select a file. After the file is decoded, specify the start and end times. Then, select 'Add' from the bottom menu and choose your desired option. Once the option is selected, click on the added graphics and select 'Add Animation'. A popup will appear. Enter the 'From' and 'To' numbers, choose the animation type from the 'Property' dropdown, and click 'Apply'. Your animation has been applied. You can now click the 'Play' button to preview the animation.